64 Years

by Cavities

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"Cavities hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania and plays a hard-hitting brand of mathy emotional hardcore. Their structure is complex and well paced with an overall epic feel to it. The atmospheric element to their sound also doesn't take any attention from their ripping hardcore foundation. This band is heavy, frantic and refreshing in many ways."

- cutnpasteyoface.blogspot.com [Thank You]

Artwork by Cannon Dill of Heavy Water Distro
Recorded at Brian J. Anthony Studios in Catasaqua, Pa


released March 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Cavities West Chester, Pennsylvania

trio from the Pocono Mountains now living in Philly and West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Immovable
I was god, a self-Creator
eyes locked at my hands
Recalling why I made them
I begin to understand
again, their end;
to construct and destroy
as I please
I was god, immovable
when I remembered that
we are the truth
you could be a god too
you just have to remember
what your body's for
because hands can't be tools
if they're filled with want
grasping means with means
confusing needs with needs
so if you want to be saved
remember gods can save themselves
Track Name: Bookburner
a pawn amongst pawns
breathing the power that you stole
'heroes' are made by consensus of the whole
preserver, protector
took an oath to serve yourself
and what you own
with the rest of us left in your scope
I want to see you fall
trampled by the feet
that walk steady on the streets
you once controlled
a pawn amongst pawns

the use of other's minds
for validation of one's own selfish needs
this is an act of plight

I feel the warmth of sun again
I scaled the walls that kept us fenced
in this dream of equality
I'll beat the flood of lies and sing in stinging rain
I'll come out clean with much more than your name
we'll sink the ship and claim harbor
I won't bow down to dollars
I won't deny what's real
your wage consists of the rights you steal
so don't wonder why
you can't feel
Track Name: Dawn Breaks The Current
I'm not carried by a wing
but arrive by my own feet
giants are sleeping
as prefab human beings
watch their lives wane of meaning
I am the becoming being

a flux of constant change
deceives the ones who think they're safe
and I find myself left in the rain
closer to them than I understand
as I try and push them away
I've come to find
we are the same

we're wanting
always wanting
starving, for that sense of newness
not found in many ways
but in waiting on a different day

I was drunk on hope
thought I saw between the cracks in the road
and certainty was something that I could hold
we must restore this

poisoned landscape
you take and take
leaving trails of waste
us, the scavenging race
rearrange the stakes you've placed
building our futures with former weapons of hate
Track Name: Old Number 7
and so I offer you this thank you
which will never do justice
to the weight of the epiphany
that I now hold in my heart
that the single importance of breathing
is to love with every breath
yet the world takes this for granted
and unknowingly chokes to death
their selfish eyes are bigger than their lungs
but I will do my best to respirate them
with every word I have sung

I remember the nights we spent out on that deck
lost everything you gave me
but that sense of youth stays
fresh on the stems of colored leaves
that fall to the ground
I'm drowning in a culture
of thieves who never deserved you
I hope that you can hear me
I've preserved an artwork of fragments in time
whole catalogues of positivity
thoughts you shared with me
in my mind

but beyond this flesh and blood
we will meet again
this loss of life holds no weight in words
a life too innocent for earth

so thank you for showing me
something that should never need to be shown

I set my eyes to the sky
and I know that you're with me
here with me
thank you for teaching me to breathe again
and of course for that last
old number seven
Track Name: Heads Of Straw
in a sense we all must guess
at the questions we have come to ask
as we face floods of uncertain facts
we wear these masks that counteract
the light shining in
i'm clawing at my own facade
try to rip away the perfect cloth
from my skin

that's why when asked
I've come to think that
innocence is ignorance
you fight for others' lack of rights
with glass pouring out your mouth
death of a child
thrown into this world
unnatural states of minds
and girls will be girls
boys will be boys
binary dichotomy
by the time we learned to speak
we'd forgotten how to share

fuck your inherited faith
a life led by conviction
renders belief addictive
if public opinion
leaves no room
for creative vision

caught between sleep and death
we try our best to salvage what's left
to be true in every sense
as I tear down remnants of illusion
no need for confusion, it's as simple as it seems
fight for truth until there's nothing left of me
Track Name: Flora, Fauna : Regression
graphing memories
to how it seems these visions should be
spilled from mind to flesh
I found belief dangling in the lion's den of time
hidden behind opinions
and fed to wasted nights
step back into that room
where I realize
all I am
is all I was
just pieced together fragments
of what I've come to be
tied by the places in the past

things still look the same
the same businesses
new signs in freshly polished frames
I've walked away
tried so hard to see what stays

swallowed into depths greater than the sea
I restitch the seams, as the water becomes me
I always seem to let what's distanced
wash away

I fear for the ending
though in meaning there's nothing
but a kid watching a history
absorbed by the tack marks in the walls
I can hear better now
a resonation of my vocal chords
it was my choice to leave this place
walking roads with forgotten names
I pave the path to no return
throwing ceased voices to waste
a trail of faces fading in my wake